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Is anyone working on Leviton Vizia RF +?


OK, that’s consistent. The SmartThings hub as a secondary controller does not query the primary for network updates. So the only devices it will know about is the ones which were already connected to the primary at the time that the hub joined the network. If you want to add new Z wave devices after that time, you have to remove the smartthings hub and then re-add it each time after you have added new Z wave devices.

This is one of the main reasons they officially “strongly advise against” trying to use it as a secondary. It’s technically possible, but very primitive. :disappointed_relieved:


Finally getting around to do something with my Vizia RF + system and Smartthings Hub. I have a 2 but it is still in the box. Running on the 1. So, before I begin, after looking at recent posts, thinking maybe another hub brand would be better. Any feedback on others for working with the Vizia system? Wink, like Smartthings is set up for many protocols so I presume has similar problems. Any recommendtions?

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I have saved the Z-Wave Tweaker code to my MyDeviceHandlers in IDE and published it (for me). But when I go to My Smartthings App, Marketplace, SmartApps, My Apps, it’s not there. How do I get Z-Wave Tweaker to show up in my Smartthings App?


You should ask any questions about using the tweaker in the author thread for that code. That will get you the fastest and most accurate answer.

But the short answer is that it’s not a smartapp: it’s a device type handler. So to use it, you select the device in your “things” list that you assigned to it and then you will be able to set the parameters for that device. But again, ask any follow-up questions in the tweaker thread.

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Thank you. I’m sorry for the protocol breach. I’m very new to this.