Is anyone else unable to access anything?

Was getting errors using app. Now logged out of the app, and can’t log in. Things aren’t fireing. Use simple rules builder and rules aren’t being executed. And can’t get to … Just me or anyone else having this issue?

Yup Support said they are having issues.

Yeah. I see they just updated status.smartthings. If I’d only waited another 90 seconds…

I was chatting with support when the txt came through. It’s OK I broke it by adding my moms phone as a presence sensor. Then the system went down. LOL

We had a little hiccup but things should be working now. Sorry about that!

Yup all better Nice work Thanks

Looks like my simple rule builder actions aren’t executing. But that’s more of a question for @JoeC

Well, that’s back up now too. Thanks to the smartthings team for all they do.

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Everytime I try to add a device, the mobile app crashes. Been this way for a few hours now (I just got some new sensors in the mail). I rebooted my phone…no change.

Edit: I saw that a new version of the app was released today…and supposed to automatically update. Well, mine was still stuck in the old version, so I went to Google Play and forced the update from there. Problem seems to be solved now…although I wish my app had updated itself, but maybe that takes a day or two.