Is a Virtual Switch still the "state of the art" grouping?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been out touch with the state of ST lately. I recently had a firmware update cause me to have to re-pair a lot of my switches to the hub. Of course, doing so cause me to have to dig into all the Core rules to re-add the new devices to each task.

It hit me, that a better way to decouple things a bit would be to create a group of switches (kitchen, dining room, etc), and then have all of my CoRE rules point to those. If I add/remove/change a switch, I only need to update the group and not every CoRE rule that includes them.

Since Alexa can very easily do groups, I figured ST surely could by now. I saw scenes in the app, and looked at those, but they since they bind a state to the group (on or off), scenes seems more like just another attempt to make a dumbed down rules engine.

So, what’s the best way to decouple a group of things that have similar states from each CoRE rule that refers to them? Virtual Switch? Scene? Something else?