Irrigation vs Valves


Could somebody please explain the differences in features and functionality for the Smartthings device types “Irrigation” and “Valves”?

I have never used either of these device types as yet, but I want to understand more what options there are to the user with the listed irrigation devices (Rachio / Spruce), compared to the listed valve devices (Popp, Zooz etc).

Thanks in advance.

Irrigation devices is for integrating to existing systems that connect through your network and the cloud. For example I use the Rachio to operate my lawn sprinklers. It is a separate app and stand alone system that Smartthings can see.

Valve devices would be for and individual valve connect through zigbee or Zwave to your hub. For example a water shut off to a house.

Many thanks for your reply @mhatley

So what control do you have on Rachio within Smartthings? Just on/off?
And what can you see in Smartthings that feeds from Rachio?


Just see the valves. you can turn them On and Off and see the status.

Thank you @mhatley

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