Iris vs Smartthing for door lock

I have a rental property with main concern/ function- for now- being a way to lock/ unlock door AND set new codes with expiration times/ dates remotely.
Anyone know of Smartthing does that now as I’m seeing reports that it did not, but might.
Also, would the schlage lock work with Smartthing as it says it’s iris and Nexia compatible? I have this one.
Schlage Camelot Satin Nickel Residential Electronic Door Lever
Item #: 339589 | Model #: FE599IR CAM 619 ACC

This is something a lot of people are asking for. I was told they were testing the function. I’m waiting to hear back from ST on the timeframe.

Super old thread [thank you search function] but does anyone know the difference between FE599-IR and FE599-NX? Does the IR version work with smartthings?

Suffix literally just tells you which box it comes in. IR is for Iris, NX for Nexia, and there’s a W one for wink.

The lock inside is all the same model and will work with any of the certified Z wave controllers that support locks, including SmartThings.

The boxes have different labeling to emphasize the “works with” controller that will be featured in a retail store. Or in the case of Nexia, through their suppliers.

If you look on the Schlegle website you’ll see that they just list it as an FE599

The official integration with SmartThings does not support all of the features of the lock, but there is community created code that does.

You can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, and look on the smart apps list for “locks” to see some of the options.

“Lock Code Manager” is probably the most popular, but there are several more, each with slightly different features. Typically a community member creates a smartapp for themselves and then releases it to share with the community. :sunglasses: