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Iris Smart Plug WiFi


Ha Ha. One for home up north and one for the snowbirding location in FL!!

If the Iris App would still work to connect to Google Assistant , that would do the trick. Looks like Lowe’s is going to release the code as open source , so something might happen down the line.

See the last paragraph:


(Jimmy) #42

Take the credit they are giving for them and buy zigbee or zwave plugs.

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I had 3 hooked up when they did the snapshot of devices , prior their announcement. I managed to hook up 11 more on the day of the announcement. Still waiting to see if they will honor reimbursement for them. Some I had shipped to PA in Dec. while I’m in FL (by mistake now!! )


(Jack) #44

I haven’t seen a direct answer about if we can get these working now with SmartThings even if through IFTTT or wahtever.

Still would like to use the ones I have…



They will stop working once the Iris cloud is discontinued on March 31. So IFTTT will not be an option after that date. :disappointed_relieved:


(Jack) #46

I have already gotten my money from Iris but I was hopeing that somone had found a hack for these so we could do it without their cloud service, just using local WIFI.

Thaks for the quick reply!


(Peee Joe) #47

So I suppose we just clog up the landfill with these iris devices now? Or hold onto them until someone provides a hack solution to connect them to another app. I’m surprised another company has not offered a connection solution as of yet.


(Chris) #48

Any updates on this? What if the ST hub could connect via Wifi while your phone is connected to the Iris Wifi also? Hmmm