Iris Smart Plug WiFi

Has anyone tried to get these ( working with Smartthings yet? They are currently $14.99 though it’s likely a limited time offer, they apparently work with Amazon Alexa, though no mention of IFTTT.

I just ordered these:

And got them for $14 with free shipping. They work well with SmartThings, using the following Device Handler, and Google Home. So I would imagine they would work well with Alexa.

Where are you seeing them for $14? They are $23 when I click the link.

Oops, never mind

Those look like strictly WiFi smart plugs that won’t directly work with SmartThings unless there is a way to connect them via cloud to cloud integration. When I checked the price, it was $39.95 so depending on location, YMMV.

There talk about how to get them for a lower price depending on location in this thread so this is definitely YMMV.

Hannibal, MO Lowes, plus a couple others using the Price Checker. Even cheaper in Chicago.

I think they stopped shipping now, however. YMMV.

There are two different ones:

These are still $14.99 as of now (free shipping) and are WiFi, no hub required:
These are $23.30 and are ZigBee and indeed work with the device handler mentioned:

I’ve had the ZigBee one for a while and can confirm it works, they also have a built-in Z-Wave repeater, though I couldn’t say if it makes a difference (small apartment).
My question was regarding the WiFi one, has anyone written a device handler for those. I did order one, so I’ll report back once I get it and dig into it more.

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I picked up one of these today as well. It was 14.99 when I bought a christmas tree, think I’ll be returning it as it looks like it only works over wifi.

It might be nice to keep around to use on your hub so that you can reboot it remotely if necessary.

You can reboot the hub remotely through the IDE

Yes, but that doesn’t always work. With a plug, it’s a hard reboot (on a v2 hub you also have to remove the batteries) which is sometimes required if something is hung up and you can’t reach the hub through the IDE.

I yanked the batteries out of mine and power the hub via UPS with a WiFi switch in between the two.

does anyone know if you can access this Wi fi plug via an ip address and use webhooks or something like that through ifttt

I already have an Iris Wi-Fi Smart Plug and until recently had the majority of my devices talking to my Iris Hub. And before I learned of the beauty of the user community here in SmartThings, I was looking for ways to automate my Iris system. I came across the Iris+ mobile app. It is not a Lowe’s product, but like products from this community, made by a 3rd party. It allows for integration of Iris scenes and the IFTTT Notifications service.

When I saw @hires06’s post on this, an idea struck me. It may not be pretty, but sometimes clunky solutions give birth to better ones.

Since I already can control my Iris devices via IFTTT thanks to the Iris+ mobile app, I can make a Virtual Switch and utilize IFTTT to trigger my Iris WiFi Smart Plug if the Virtual Switch status changes.

So I made 2 IFTTT recipes. 1 for VirtualSwitch on, trigger a Plug on scene and 1 for VirtualSwitch off triggering a Plug off scene.

The net result is an Iris WiFi Smart Plug that is controlled via SmartThings.

Yes, it requires the Iris app and the Iris+ app (but not the Hub. It works without it), but I already had it. And now I have my remaining straggler talking to my SmartThings.

does this Iris+ app work without the hub like the regular iris app does?

That’s a good question. I didn’t know you could use the Iris normal app for the WiFi plug without the Hub. Let me do some testing.


And the results are in. I have my Iris Hub unplugged, all devices moved off Iris except the Wi-Fi switch. And I can I can still tell Alexa to turn my switch on, IFTTT takes over and send the command to Iris+ and tada, switch is on! No hub needed!

Which IFTTT service are you using? I searched for iris and iris + and did not find anything


Send this:

scene=WiFi Plug off (Or whatever you named your scene)