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Iris Smart Fob 3450L (2nd generation)


Something I noticed with my fobs (mine are the older one with shapes on the buttons instead of letters and people icons). When I press a button, a red light inside the fob flashes about 3 times over 5 seconds when I’m home. If I try to press that same button during that time, the command doesn’t always go through. That’s true for both fobs. It’s not a big deal to wait 4 or 5 seconds in between each button push.

However, when I’m away, one fob doesn’t light up at all when I push a button. I assume that’s because it recognizes that it’s away from the hub, so it’s saving battery. The other fob flashes the red light quickly 3 times over a second or so when I’m away. I wonder why they behave differently.

(walk2rem) #146

You should be pasting that code under My Device Handlers and not under My SmartApps


Can you tell me if you needed to do anything special to get the L2 working under mitchpond’s dth? I tried to use it but only got detected as “Thing.” Using spiralman’s dth it is seen as Iris Key Fob, but I can’t seem to configure any of the buttons using Button Controller smartapp.


I’m not going to be much help on this one. I planned to use the fob as a presence detector for a frequent visitor, but decided to go in a different direction. I have not used the fob much at all, and not really for the buttons either. That said, it shows as

Battery, Button, Configuration, Presence Sensor, Sensor

using the DTH discussed above

  • Iris Smart Fob
  • Copyright 2015 Mitch Pond
  • Presence code adapted from SmartThings Arrival Sensor HA device type

No worries! Thanks for responding to such an old thread. I think I figured it out late last night.

I checked the fork spiralman used and it was the later version of mitchpond’s dth ( so I updated the dth for the device and voila, it works. I also updated the fingerprint on mitchpond’s to include the L2 fob just in case (fingerprint endpointId: “01”, profileId: “0104”, inClusters: “0000,0001,0003,0007,0020,0B05”, outClusters: “0003,0006,0019”, model:“3450-L2”, manufacturer: “CentraLite”). Used Button Controller smartapp (might try and look for another, but it works for now) to program and voila. Presence works as well, albeit with about 2 minute lag.