Iris Smart Fob 3450L (2nd generation)

I’ve been trying to figure out if the re-join flakiness is due to the device itself, or something on my mesh (bad repeater?). I removed my Osram light strip and it seems better. However that could be placebo, phase of the moon, ST gods accepted my offerings this week, etc. You could try the code posted above. It shouldn’t break anything… Otherwise I’ll probably have it updated this week.

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Just a quick update.
Last 3 days I’ve been testing the new “presence” capability in my Arrival / Departure rules/routines and it’s working OK.
Since this is a close range device type I’m trying to use it to open the door for me (if it’s not open) and close it (if it’s not closed yet) and it worked 4 out of 10 times, but I think that some of the delays were related to the ST platform/cloud services.
This weekend I’ve noticed a lot of motion triggered rules taking several seconds to respond, so I’m not giving up yet.
The good news is that the device never left the mesh and it has been reporting constantly (verified using Live logging) without issues and it seems that it’s not draining the battery :slight_smile:
Note - I’m still using a report time of 60 seconds, so I know this will affect the presence detection to trigger my routines, but will also affect battery life.
I’ll continue monitoring during this week (arrival and departure times) and try to adapt my routines. If i can make it work with 60 seconds reporting time I’ll change it down to 30 seconds probably and report back again.

I have been using the code for a week or so now and have had no issues other than the delay coming back online to the mesh after leaving. I am still seeing a 1-3 minutes delay for it to register on the mesh meaning it does not disarm the home monitor quickly enough. For now the person that is using it has to wait a minute or 2 after coming back before opening a door unless they disarm the home monitor via some other method.

Thanks! Just picked one of these up for my daughters night stand to control stuff in her room :slight_smile:

After another week of testing I can say that the DH is working great. I’m also experiencing the 1-3 minutes delay to rejoin and detect presence.

The only difference between this DH behavior and the ST Arrival Sensor is that the Arrival Sensor DH runs locally on the Hub and I think that this is the reason for the Arrival Sensor not loosing connection (Departure) while you are Pairing new devices or loose you Internet connection for a couple of minutes (rebooting your router).
I like the construction and the other features/possibilities of the Iris Smart Fob over the Arrival Sensor and it would be great if it would run locally on the Hub :grin:

I already gave up on the ST Arrival Sensor and I’m using this device now everyday. Will have more thoughts in a couple of weeks :eyes:

Mine is working very well when it is able to rejoin fully. I don’t think it’s the fob at this point. I’ve narrowed my issues down to either a dodgy repeater or the v1 hub. (I really need to get a tool to map my mesh with…) I was delaying messing around with transferring over to v2, but I might just set up the fob on v2 for some testing. Today it worked really fast upon approaching my back door. I may just need a repeater outside to cut the time down…

I’ll push the changes out to the master branch this week.

I also have been using the device type with no issues other than the few minute delay when arriving, this is problematic for me since I would like to use it to disarm the SMH but I cannot really complain. I am using a v2 hub and I agree that like most things it would benefit from local processing. I am curious who/what decides what functions/devices use the local processing in the v2 hub, I would think that if the arrival sensor uses local processing then this device should be able to as well since the presence is based on the arrival sensor code but maybe there is something more needed to make that happen.

Either way I still want to say thanks to @mitchp for his work on this.

Thanks to you all for creating & testing the handler code. I bought one to keep in my car. Haven’t tested yet whether activating a button immediately upon driving into my garage works vs. having to wait a couple of minutes before it’s recognized, and I’m not concerned with “presence” working quickly for the car (though it’d be nice to know if it suddenly disappeared from my garage in the middle of the night), but I think it’ll be okay. I now use my larger Aeon MiniMote on my bed table instead of in the car.

I have pushed the changes for presence out to the master branch on my Github. Please let me know if there are any issues!


Another great contribution Mitch! :slight_smile: Thank you! I’d love to have you join the ST group on FB. It’s a closed group to filter out solicitors and the likes, but I can approve you right after. -Bob

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Hi Mitch. I just noticed that after updating to your latest code, I lost Hello Home options with the Button Controller SmartApp. I supposed that could be the fault of Button Controller SmartApp, but I hadn’t changed it. Is that correct or did I overlook something? Thanks, -Bob

I did not change anything that would relate to Routines/Hello Home. That should be entirely handled by the Button Controller app. I still have the option to run Routines with my fob. Maybe some ST weirdness regarding dynamic settings pages? :confused:


ST support should be coming :smiley:

Thanks for the reply Mitch. I’ve tried completely removing the FOB and Button Control(BC) app and re-pairing the FOB and adding back the BC app, but no access to Hello Home. There’s a label for it, but no options. I’ll take a look at the link you posted.

Since the button controller smart app is an official SmartThings app, you may want to send an email to support to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

The link I posted was just an FYI to anyone else following this thread that this device might be officially supported in the near future.

I’ve opened up another support ticket with ST. This time for the Button Controller issue here. The BC app had an update last month apparently.

the keypresses have been working pretty well. Thanks!

Presence departs 4-5 minutes after the last keypress - do I have an old version of the device handler, or this typical for for this device?

I can’t tell if prescence should be working persistently now, from the discussion above.

I just installed last night and this is exactly the behavior i’m seeing as well

To clarify, the device is still present, but gets marked as 'Away" after 4-5 minutes?

The newest code is using a state variable to store the time of the last contact. Either the fob is falling off of the network and has trouble rejoining (I have seen this device have issues with rejoin on my network) or the state variable is getting lost. Given the issues regarding state variables on the platform lately, I would wait until things stabilize and then try again.

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Yes that is what I mean. I will employ watchful waiting. Thanks for a cool device - it’s worth carrying without presence I think.

First, I want to be clear this is not a jab at @mitchp, his device type is working very well for me apart from the 2-3 minute delay on returning which may not an issue with the device code.

My question to everyone is how many people have bought these and actually got them working and how many did you have to go through to get there? I ask because I have bought 4 of these and out of those 4 only 1 is still in use, the others have all been returned because the battery contact breaks the moment you put the battery in the device. I am not talking about removing and re-inserting the battery either, I mean a brand new device and the first time you insert the battery the contact breaks and the fob never gets power.

I just want to know if I have very bad luck when it comes to these fobs or if my local Lowes has a bad batch of these or what the deal is.