Iris Smart Button

I’m on my fourth week of Iris Smart Button ownership and my second battery seems like it just died. Does anybody else see terrible battery life?

Maybe it’s a bad contact, but the button is just sitting there. I don’t know why it would suddenly not make contact.


Not sure if I’m missing something but is there a Temperature Offset in this device type like there is in the Iris Motion Sensor and in the Iris Open Close sensor. I feel the temperature is way off on mine.

Also @canalrun i have had mine working for about 5 weeks now and battery still reads 100%. I haven’t used it much either.

I am having the same problem with one of mine, i have two the first one i have had for a month now it still works great the second one i got two weeks ago and its dead already.

i wonder if its just a quality control thing.

I think it is. The battery contacts do not seem to make a very solid connection. The upper one on mine (which just looks like a drop of solder on a pad) looks visibly worn down. I would go exchange it at my Lowe’s, but they still don’t have the button in stock :disappointed:

Hey guys, for those who still have issues opening the battery tray, here is a picture of the small hole where you can put the tip of a precision screwdriver or an awl to pull it up:

I hope that helps.


I have a bunch of these things. What is everybody using them for?

I used one as a means of turning off the lights while in bed. I just stuck it to the wall behind the headboard on used RM to turn off the GE outlet that the lights are plugged into.

With all my buttons, push means light and hold means outlet. I also have a couple of these. I use one to turn on the desk light and held to turn the desk outlet…

I’ve had one going for a few days. It seems to be tricky on the press vs hold command. A few times now it’s executed the hold when I didn’t want it to. I consider it a “freebie” that came in the Lowes kit, as the Aeon remote is better for this for sure. Seems great to stick to a bed frame to turn on a lamp though.

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I don’t have one yet, but plan to get a couple to easily run my “in bed” routine which turns off lights that were turned on to get from the living room to the bedroom, etc, and then also to run the “I’m awake” program in the morning.

thats is exactly what I do with mine. Press it when i get in bed to set the thermostat, turn off all lights in the house, and turn on my fan. In the morning it set the thermostat, turns on the hall light, and sets my TV to Hulu for streaming :slight_smile:

One of mine quit on me yesterday, how do you reset these things?

Is this sold in the Iris pack or can you get it separately? I need one for “fish feeding time” :slight_smile:

You should now be able to pick it up separately. I saw it recently at my local lowes in a standard purple Iris box.

Did you ever figure out how to reset? I have one that seems to be acting up. (pressing button not triggering anything, however temp is being reported)


Here you go:

The reset instructions are about half way down.

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I pulled the battery out and everything started working again…

The latest code has been updated in the 1st post.

@mitchp any notables changes in your updated code?

Temperature offset was added, a bit of refactoring. Some logging changes. I mostly had the first post updated to point where the “stable” code should be. Testing goes on in the device branch and it may break :slight_smile: