Iris Smart Button

This makes the most sense. There’s probably some other issue. It might be that you just need to add a zigbee repeater. It might even just be a defective device. It happens, and these are inexpensively engineered to begin with. I’ve even seen some devices where the battery fitting wasn’t quite right and it didn’t make contact all the time. So you’d have to press a button several times just to get the battery back in line. :scream:

You can troubleshoot one issue at a time, or if that seems like too much trouble just switch to a Z wave device and see if that works better.

If you look at the list of supported buttons and remotes, for example, the Cooper 9500 is a battery operated zwave switch that looks nice on the wall. No wiring required. And the go control smart switch cover is another Z wave button switch that can be just mounted as is, doesn’t have to go over an existing switch. There’s also the remotec Z wave battery operated 8 button device. So there are a lot of choices. :sunglasses: