IRIS Sensors V1? (ST Press Release 2/12/2019)

I am switching from IRIS and had planned to keep my V2 IRIS door/window sensors and replace my V1 IRIS door/window sensors but just read the following press release from SmartThings which says “We’re working to ensure sure all Iris sensors work with SmartThings prior to the service ending, so Iris users who would like to switch to SmartThings can seamlessly make the transition.”. I have lots of V1 sensors to replace so this matters to me. Do you all think this means they are actually looking to support V1 IRIS sensors or mean something else?

I think it unlikely that the V1 sensors will be included, but you never know. They’d have to include a way to flash the firmware, which has not been available until now. It’s not technically impossible, but I think it more likely that some marketing person just misunderstood some technical person whose “all the sensors“ meant “all the sensors that are already compatible with smartthings but haven’t previously had official support.” Which would be Iris gen 2 for the zigbee devices. Not gen 1.

I would suggest asking on their Twitter feed or Facebook page, and you might get an official answer that way.

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