Iris sensor info

Ok I have read some info on the iris sensor from here… But where can I find info on the time settin on the sensor. Ex… How long will light stay on. After light go off how much time before sensor re- set before light can turn on again…

Are you talking about the iris motion sensor?

If so I believe it takes 30 seconds after no motion for the sensor to reset and detect motion again. They detect motion very quickly.

As for the light part, that would be controlled by how you set up either smart lighting or another app to turn a light on and off based on the motion sensor detecting motion. There are many ways you can do this and everyone has their personal preferences.

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Thank You …yes you are correct… the reset time is good,is there a pdf on the settings, if the light can stay on 15-30 min that would be good…I plan to place the sensor over the kitchen doorway… so it only see when you walk in…and not people passing by the door…lol…? Question …if the WALL SWITCH is turn on after the sensor has turn the light on…will the wall switch defeat the sensor, or will the sensor still turn off the light…???

The sensor does not directly tell the light to turn on or off. You can use the smart lighting app. To tell the light to come on when the sensor see motion.

In smart lighting you can use power allowance as the control for how long to wait before telling the switch to turn off.

I’m mobile today, so hard for me to give you more detailed explaination. Maybe someone else will jump in and give you more details.