Iris orbit garden hose\ are they supported?

Tried to pair them. SmartThings does not seem to find them.

Thanks in advance

I used to have one of those until it physically broke. If I recall correctly it was originally discovered as a Thing and then I changed the DTH to a switch and/or zigbee valve, but that was before Edge.

Given how old that device is, how goofy it works (auto shuts off after 10 minutes, and that’s not configurable btw), and that only Edge drivers are available, it’s unlikely that it will be supported unless someone develops an Edge driver.

Even if it would join, it would still only join as a Thing (I think) but I don’t believe you’ll be able to change drivers because the fingerprint won’t match anything you could change over to.

It wouldn’t be too much effort to create a simple driver based off a zigbee switch or valve driver and updating the fingerprint file with the device’s fingerprint.

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