Iris open/close sensors fine with latest firmware

Last week not sure what day, we received an update. Since this update all of my iris open/close sensors show as unavailable when device health is on. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’m also having a lot of problems with my smart bulbs osram and Phillips hue stop responding to the app for on/off requests.

Any help appreciated. I know I will most likely have to open a support ticket but wanted to see if this was known and if there is a quick fix.

I’ve been dealing with this for well over a week now. Of course when I finally make a post ST makes me a list. All of the just showed back up. Ah well. Sorry to bother everyone. I’ll give the lights a few days with health check back on to see if they start acting properly.

I found that pulling the battery for a few seconds, then doing a refresh on the device seemed to get all mine running again.