Iris motion sensors

Does anyone think that the reason the iris motion sensors are thicker on the bottom than the top is to make them aim up slightly? to make them pet immune?

I think it’s so you can make them aim either way. Usually you would point them down when mounted near the ceiling. But with pets, it may certainly be beneficial to mount them low and aim up.

I have one mounted above a door frame and it still picks up my Shih Zhu when the little sh*t is 20 feet away from the door.

Yeah the last generation is super sensitive. The newer model doesn’t seem to be quite as sensitive.

Are you referring to the ones that are more rounded looking that i saw on store shelves today versus the ones from 2016-17? I’m thinking if I get rid of the dog it would solve my problems…and a lot of other problems. that’s another subject.

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:joy: yeah the IL071 is the new version. It’s rounded and a little bigger, but adds humidity.