Iris motion sensors STUCK again

My iris motion sensors get stuck on motion or no motion from time to time, all three of them, in different times and in different occasions. No tinkering. Driven with SmartThings. Battery is 100%.
They drive me crazy, I have already reset them twice and punctually they get stuck. It’s a pain because the automation gets messed up! They are a few weeks old.

Any advice? How do I unstuck them without resetting them? Do you guys have a device type handler specific?

Have a crapload of them and they have never failed…

Might be a good idea to rebuild your zigbee mesh…

Take out batteries in Hub. Leave unplugged for 15 minutes or so.

My Iris sensors are the only ones that work 100%. I have 7 ST motion sensors I’ve had to retire for the exact reason you state in your post.

Question: When they are “stuck”, does the LED still flash when you walk in front of them?

Or maybe consider adding some zigbee repeaters?

Where are these motion sensors in relation to the hub, do you have any other mains powered zigbee devices acting as repeaters already?

thanks I’ll try that.

Yes they do work. the led blinks green when triggered…

yes I do, and the motion sensors are about 5 to 8ft distant from every zigbee repeater.
I’ll try to power cycle the hub.

Power cycling the hub did not help.
The motion sensor is still OFFLINE. Battery is charged, tested with a multimeter. The sensor blinks green every time you pass in front of it. If I turn Device Health ON, the device is unavailable.

I noticed that you can repair the zwave network in the utilities, but not the zigbee… any help?

Power cycling and leaving the hub unplugged for 15 mins is the only way I know of to “repair” a zigbee mesh, which was mentioned above and sounds like you already tried.

It’s possible there’s a wifi interference issue.

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Would be affected by my only existing 5Ghz? Because I don’t have a 2.4Ghz wifi network here. also, only the Iris motion sensors are affected.

Do you have neighbors with 2.4GHz wifi?

Other devices can transmit at 2.4GHz too, like cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves.

When you say no 2.4Ghz wifi, is the radio off?

Radio is off.

sure they do, but I only had problems with the Iris Sensors?

I do not own any of that.

By the way, thank you for your support!

Wow impressive, I could only use use 5g exclusively in a studio apt.

Sure no prob, not sure if I’m really helping, just brainstorming reasons why zigbee sensors might have issues.

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I’ve never had a problem with Iris motion sensors until one I bought about 2 months ago quit responding. The battery was shown as 100%. I pulled the battery, re-inserted it, and it still didn’t work. So I put in a fresh battery and now it works.

after numerous tries finally restored availability by removing the batteries in the devices (hub included), removing hub power, waiting 10 minutes, restoring power to the hub and once the hub is booted up and got to normal state, I’ve re-inserted the batteries in the devices. They showed up almost immediately.
Thanks to everyone helping.


I am having this issue too. It seems more so since the last update. I guess I’ll do the unplug and remove the battery thing and see if that helps. {sigh}

EDIT: lol, didn’t have any batteries in there! But will now. :slight_smile: