Iris Motion Sensor (Zigbee) keeps going offline

When I change the Zigbee channel, it comes back online but after awhile it goes offline again. None of my other Zigbee devices are having issues.

Since it comes back online after a channel change, does that mean the device itself is OK? Any ideas?

more info please…

model of the IRIS motion sensor? what DTH or Edge driver is assigned to it?

use the following community developed tool to find the info:

find the device, tap on Details and screenshot that screen and post.

Thanks for that. Is there a security risk to just enabling all “Authorized Scopes” when I generate a Smartthings token for that tool?

you may want to ask in the thread posted above.

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There’s risk in everything, so I can’t just say ‘no’. All I can tell you is that the token is included in all API requests sent by this tool, but these requests are all HTTPS, so nothing is ever sent in the clear. With your explicit permission, it will be saved on your device with a cookie, and is not saved on any sever.

In any case, it’s also up to you to protect your token and be sure not to share it with anyone.

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Got it. Thank you.

Here you go: