Iris Motion sensor replace help

I currently have an Iris motion sensor that eats batteries. I have a replacement but because they are zigbee devices there is no “replace” function.

My question is this, can I add the new one, get the ID number and then just put that ID number into the old device in the back end? That way I don’t have to redo all my routines etc? I hope I am making sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I can’t answer your ZigBee question, but…

When you replace the battery, does the sensor flash a couple different colors? If you are not sure, pull the battery on it and see if they are different. I had this issue on one of those sensors. I then held in that little button on the side for 5-10 seconds, tried again and everything was fine.

Thank you for the reply, It did that when I replaced the battery and I got it to stop, but it still just chews thru a battery in 3 weeks. No matter what kind of reset/battery I try it eats batteries. It was cheaper to get a new motion sensor than to keep buying batteries :slight_smile:

I have not tried this but I’d have your new device join the network. In IDE delete your new device but first keep a copy of the ZigBee ID. Then go to the device you want to replace and change the ZigBee ID to the new one.

Afterward have your new device rejoin the network.

Thanks jhamstead, I will try that tonight after work. I thought that may be a way to do it, if it works it saves me messing with all the routines etc.