Iris motion sensor act as a repeater when main powered?

I have several iris motion sensors that sit right at an outlet. I have hard wired them to a 3v wall plug and they work great. I am just curious if they act as a zigbee repeater now since they are hard wired. I know I always read that devices that are designed to be run on either battery or main power will repeat when main powered. But what about a device that was not designed to be main powered, like the iris motion sensor?

I don’t think that’s how it work. Battery operated devices don’t come with the extra repeater hardware.


Whether or not a device will repeat is part of the firmware supplied for the device.

Devices which are manufactured to have the option of operating on battery or on power typically will only repeat if they were on mains power at the time that they first joined the network. Otherwise they won’t repeat even if you put them on mains power later. (One example of this is the Aeotec sensor.)

Devices which are manufactured to operate on battery will not repeat even if you wire them to mains yourself. The firmware will still think that it’s a non-repeating device class.

Great, thanks for the info guys.

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