Iris motion sensor 3326-L2

Does anyone know the difference between the iris motion sensor 3326-L and the 3326-L2? Will the L2 work with the L DTH?

They’re coming out with new models of most of their ZHA devices. I don’t know if the older generation DTHs will work or not.

@Automated_House Posted a photo of one of the new motion sensors earlier this week, so may have more to add. :sunglasses:

Any updates here? The 3326-L2 is on sale currently for $15. I’d like to buy several of these to put around the house, but want to ensure they work with SmartThings first.

You may not get the L2 I bought a bunch of the motions and contact sensors and they were all L. But the price is still very good and they work well.

I do have 1 of these units that I never installed. I just took it out of the box and set it up. You have to open the batt cover and remove the plastic tab that isolates the battery.
Follow the procedure in ST under market place and sensors, under motion sensors you will find the Iris motion sensor. It connected right away with no issues
Good luck.