Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

Look legit, as long as the image is what you really get. The expiration date needs to be embossed, not printed, made in USA is a good sign. Might order some of the CR2’s and compare, that’s a lot cheaper than they should be though…Spidey Sense is tingling.

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It is what you get, I ordered both a couple months back, all have exp dates in 2024…

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I ordered the 8 pack when i had the bad motion sensor that died every week. I’ll admit I didn’t check the dates, but the battery did work.

Which seller did you order from?

The CR2’s we’re DD Supply…

The CR123’s were All Photo Inc…

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Consider posting/linking to the batteries thread:

Is there a warranty on these? I have 5 and 1 has consistently burned through batteries. Last battery lasted about 2 weeks. I bought 2 from Lowes and 2 from Amazon and not exactly sure where the problem one came from. Any suggestions on the best way to get it replaced?

Take it to Lowe’s for a replacement, with the Lowe’s receipt of course.

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I recently picked up a few of these and really like them. The range is quite good compared to other z-wave motions I’ve tried. A few questions please:

  1. Is there a way to disable the green light, so that it does not lit up when it detects motion?

  2. Is there a way to set a “reset” prior or whatever its called - so that once it detects motion, it won’t report another motion even for X minutes?

  3. Are you guys using the default device driver assigned by ST, or is their a 3rd party device driver that has benefits that you are using?


1 Tape
2 No, 30 second timeout. Use CoRE if you need better activity/delay control.
3 Standard smart things motion dht “SmartSense Motion Sensor”

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Depending upon your Lowes, they might even give you a replacement without the receipt since Iris is their product line. I was able to do this when one of my motion sensors stopped reporting motion.

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I was able to return today. Since I was outside the 90 day window they initially told me I was out of luck but then a more senior person was called in and they accepted the return. Sadly that broke my 15 off 50 level so I only got 25 back and had to rebuy for 30 but if it fixes the issue its a small price to pay. Fingers crossed.

In the future, not the most honest thing, but return policies rarely are in of themselves, you go buy a new full price one, return the defective one in that box saying it doesn’t work and you just want a refund.

I expect a product to function, for more than 90 days/1 year/etc, if the company has other plans, too bad, I’ll find a workaround. We as consumers rarely hold companies to the high standards they should be held to.

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I actually tried to go the warranty route but couldn’t find info on it anywhere. They did offer a support number to call but decided to take the drive and give it a try first.

All I’m seeing is this:

But can’t find anything about the ACTUAL product warranty. Since it doesn’t explicitly call out 90 days, I’d venture it’s a 1 year, and has to be handled via Lowes since that’s the only place to buy Iris stuff.

Has anyone else had problems with these losing contact with the hub since the V2 firmware upgrade? I had 2 zigbee bulbs going offline on average about once a day since the upgrade and a third frequently but more like every 2-3 days. As of Sunday I had not had any issues with the motion sensors but yesterday I had one go off line. Pulled the battery and it came back to life and connected. Then I replaced a different one (see previous post) and now I have had 4 go offline plus 3 zigbee bulbs (the 3 problem ones), multiple times. 2 won’t reconnect even after power cycling. I also powered down the hub for 30 minutes and it appeared to help for a little while (all online) but it was after that where the 2 fell off and won’t reconnect. Something I did notice is one of the motion sensors was stuck in HUB_OFFLINE for a while. After power cycling the hub that went away. I submitted a support ticket but curious if others have problems.

Well, hasn’t gotten any better. Contacted support and they said they don’t support these and gave me some tips about router interference and suggested I get a Zigbee repeater. That doesn’t make sense in my situation as some times the furthest away ones are fine and the closest one drops off. Going to give it some more time and likely try and find a repeater (anyone suggest a cheap one?) but then may have to bail on Iris motion. Zwave still has been rock solid the whole time. :frowning:

My suggestion is to go with the iris Pocket socket which will repeat both Zigbee and Z-wave. Keep an eye on the DEALS threads and you might see them go on sale every now and then.

Doh, think those were just on sale. May get one anyway since I’m soon at the point where I’ll need to trash all these zigbee devices because there so out of whack.

I have 5 of these version 2 Iris motion sensors. 2 are rock solid, no going offline silently, or false alarms. However the other 3 are becoming notorious for either going offline silently or creating false alarms while I’m away.
The interesting thing is when they do false alarm the activity log shows (example): Detected Motion 8:19:32.323 and then followed by: Motion Stopped 8:19.32.409. The time stamp difference between motion and no motion is clearly unreasonable.
The periodic offline has occurred for 4 plus months (pre 16.00009 hub ubgrade). The intermittent motion sensed for less than a second is post 16.00009 upgrade.

Interested in your thoughts.