Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

My iris open/close sensor never said 100% it started at 88% then went to 77% in about 2 weeks. I had removed a cree bulb from the room it is in and I guess it was on the outskirts of the zigbee network and started reporting open when it wasn’t so I reset and readded it before realising the removal of the bulb was the issue. Battery went back to 88% though and has been operating perfectly ever since. Though I love the size of the iris motion sensors it may have been a better option if they had made it slightly bigger and used the larger cr123a battery which has higher capacity and this lasts much longer. Still an awesome sensor though!

I have to laugh, because the support site identifies the battery as a CR2450, but the video shows the CR2 in the device… LOL!

I’ve emailed them a few times since I bought my first one, early this year, they refuse to respond or change it. Wonder how many people order those and get pissed they don’t fit!

And it is CR2 not CR123A, BIG difference, not compatible with one another. CR2’s are pricey too, Digikey sells real Panasonics for $2.60 a pop. Most stores have them at $5. The 2450’s are only a buck.

I have some of these nearly a year old well over 20ft that are still reporting 77.5%.

Do a complete reset on yours @toyanucci, pull the battery, push the button in, replace the battery, rerun discovery, it will redetect. Make sure NO lights are on or come on other than green when it detects motion.

Is there a way to control the temperature reporting frequency? I am finding they are VERY slow to react to temp changes and even if I hit refresh they frequently don’t respond for a while. I am using the DH SmartSense Motion Sensor but I noticed earlier in this thread people were saying to use the SmartSense Motion/Temp DH but I can’t find that. Has it been renamed? I recently got some Ecobee Lites and am trying to use the DH developed by yvesracine. The code is faithfully adjusting the temp up due to the sensor in my bedroom. . . but that room has a lot more vents so heats up fast and the sensor is so slow to respond that the thermostat keeps getting adjust up to compensate. Suggestions?

It reports when the temp changes 2 degrees I think. This was discussed elsewhere but honestly don’t remember where it when.

Shouldn’t need to poll it, but I know you also don’t want it checking constantly, will murder your battery life.

I posted a custom DTH for this device here:

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Amazon has good deals on the CR2’s and the CR123’s and their Duracell Ultra Lithium. 12 CR2’s for $21.45 and 8 CR123’s for $14.91…

Links? I’ve gotten so many fakes from Amazon, you have to be real careful with those.


Here you go.

Look legit, as long as the image is what you really get. The expiration date needs to be embossed, not printed, made in USA is a good sign. Might order some of the CR2’s and compare, that’s a lot cheaper than they should be though…Spidey Sense is tingling.

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It is what you get, I ordered both a couple months back, all have exp dates in 2024…

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I ordered the 8 pack when i had the bad motion sensor that died every week. I’ll admit I didn’t check the dates, but the battery did work.

Which seller did you order from?

The CR2’s we’re DD Supply…

The CR123’s were All Photo Inc…

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Consider posting/linking to the batteries thread:

Is there a warranty on these? I have 5 and 1 has consistently burned through batteries. Last battery lasted about 2 weeks. I bought 2 from Lowes and 2 from Amazon and not exactly sure where the problem one came from. Any suggestions on the best way to get it replaced?

Take it to Lowe’s for a replacement, with the Lowe’s receipt of course.

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I recently picked up a few of these and really like them. The range is quite good compared to other z-wave motions I’ve tried. A few questions please:

  1. Is there a way to disable the green light, so that it does not lit up when it detects motion?

  2. Is there a way to set a “reset” prior or whatever its called - so that once it detects motion, it won’t report another motion even for X minutes?

  3. Are you guys using the default device driver assigned by ST, or is their a 3rd party device driver that has benefits that you are using?


1 Tape
2 No, 30 second timeout. Use CoRE if you need better activity/delay control.
3 Standard smart things motion dht “SmartSense Motion Sensor”

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Depending upon your Lowes, they might even give you a replacement without the receipt since Iris is their product line. I was able to do this when one of my motion sensors stopped reporting motion.

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