Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

I believe mine are still reporting on every degree change, but I can go hours between changes.

I did have a report of 66 degrees an hour ago, and 67 degrees 14 minutes ago on one. On another it was a 2 degree jump. Maybe it only piggybacks on motion events(?) and/or on an interval.

My iris contacts report more often, have the ones on the windows the sun hits and have reports every 10 minutes or so.

I just purchased some of these motion detectors. How did you guys find the best to mount these to the wall?

These little guys are so light that the adhesive strips they provide can hold up a small dog… They are overkill in my opinion.

All mine are in corners mounted using a very small dab of Dap’s BlueStik stuff. This works great, and does not pull paint or leave marks.

These are easily the best motion sensor I’ve used. So tiny Scotch tape could hold them up! Make sure you take into account how much space you need to open then pop out the battery. Don’t put them flush to the ceiling! I used half the tape they come with so I have extra if I ever want to move them.

Has anyone used these outdoors? I know they are not rated for rain or anything like that, but has anyone placed them like under a deck or patio?

I haven’t personally used these outdoors but as long as they are protected, I think they will work fine. I do have the Aeotec Z-wave multi-sensor that are rated for indoor/outdoor use. However, keep in mind that using motion sensors outdoors can give you a lot of false signals because they don’t sense actual motion but changes in infrared radiation. So sunlight going across your porch can set them off.

To reduce false motion events, you might want to take a look at this:

I have used two of these in Minnesota outdoor weather under eaves for two years maybe.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5 Multi-Sensor (Z-Wave Plus)

Just a challenge to include to ST, otherwise reliable.

I want to hook them to lights so i can have several switches activate when Someone pulls into my driveway. I’m not planning on using the sensor with an alarm

So using the ST DTH it’s definitely not reporting on every degree change. Is there a way to force this behavior? Is there a better DTH to use? I’m using these motions for balancing out the temp in various rooms so an update once an hour does not really work well.

Having the same issue I believe. They do not update for hours at a time, possibly days, I’m investigating…

I use the SmartSense Motion and Temp, is standard Smartsense Motion any different?

Doesn’t help that there are four different choices as to device type in the list:

Two copies of SmartSense Motion, a SmartSense Motion Sensor, and a SmartSense Motion/Temperature Sensor.


This is the one I’m using and I’m not having any problems at all with my motion sensors.

I’m using that one and seeing the same thing as bridaus

Any idea where I can purchase the Iris Motion Sensor 3326-L in Canada? won’t ship them to Canada.

Also, how long does the battery last in these motion sensors?

In a high traffic area, my battery lasted about 6 months. I have other Z-wave Ecolinks motion sensors that last more than a year but YMMV.

As for getting them, all IRIS products are Lowes hardware store branded products and I guess they’re only available in the US.

I received 2 of these motion sensors for Christmas 2015. I’m retired & lazy!

I would appreciate some quick hints on how to get them up & running. Finally got my smart switches installed that I got for Christmas (JD Roberts, I followed your suggestion and hired a professional) so now I need to get these going.

Need to hook up my 2015 stuff so I can tell my kids what to get me for Christmas 2016;

Include them to the hub just like any other device. They’ll show up just fine (I just did a couple myself). Afterwards, start creating automations with your motion sensors and switches!

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So just include them as a ST’s motion sensor?

Yes, that is what I did. SmartThings automatically recognizes them as such.

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So, I received one of these last week and I have it setup to turn on three hue bulbs when it detects motion. However, there is a big delay before it turns on all the lights. I could be down the stairs before the light actually turns on. Anybody else have this issue and how do you fix it?