Iris Motion Sensor (2nd gen, 3326-L)

I was measuring against a digital thermometer and they started pretty accurate over time. I could use the off-set and get them to reliably report within a range if 1/2 to 1/10 of a degree.

I didn’t notice too much on the battery, so I can’t say for sure there.

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It’s dead again after the new battery and 11 days. I tried the reset button. Seems to be sucking the battery dry at a very rapid rate. Must be a bad unit. Grrrr.

I bought two of these, and they both reported temperature every hour.
Loved them, so I bought two more.
Both of these don’t report the temperature regularly.

Any idea what could be up or how to fix it?

I purchased 2 of the iris motion sensor. They work very well, the only problem that I am seeing is that the battery is not lasting. I only have had them for 2 weeks and they both are showing 77% battery. Do you think it’s the battery that comes with it or maybe it’s being reported wrong. If anyone has a solution please chime in.


Batteries tend to have levels they report at rather than each percentage point in drop. You may see 77 for weeks…

Some of these devices report in 1/9ths of battery life (I’m assuming it’s the device and not SmartThings). 77% is 7/9 (it should round to 78%, but it doesn’t).

My oldest of these sensors is just 6 weeks old and BatteryMonitor shows it is at 77% also. All my others report 88%. It’s too short a period to really tell how long the (single CR2) battery will last.

On a different note, one of my 6 Iris Motion Sensors just failed – it was reporting motion constantly. It was still updating the temperature, but it was stuck on motion for 3 days. I’m exchanging it tomorrow.

Coming back for some advice on the difference between:
and ?

Is the second one just the newest version? I ask because I need to get a bunch to integrate so if I can save any $$ I would like to but I don’t want to sacrifice features since I am currently using the v2 without any issues (well none after John helped me out :wink:.

Also, anyone have any experience with the door/open/closed sensors? Same question here, what is the difference between:



The second link of both sensors is the one that works with ST. :slight_smile:

No saving money huh? :wink:

Thanks for the quick response!


Check the deals thread if your lucky they can be has cheap. $23.99 and $11.88.

Or less with the coupons and ebates.

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@johnconstantelo I’m a bit confused. If I want it to run locally, can I keep it Iris or do I need to switch to Smartsense motion/temp sensor?

Have to use the Smartsense DTH for local last time I checked. But things could have changed.

@Expose, all of my Iris motion sensors are using the “SmartSense Motion Sensor”, and they are running locally.

In fact…

We’re experiencing a total Century Link outage in my neighborhood right this moment, and I’m quite pleased to say all my smartlighting automations are working just fine that are designed to run locally, including my sunset ones.

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Just picked up my first motion sensor and got this iris v2 sensor, it paired with ease. I’m using it to control two hue white bulbs in in my stairs and atop the stairs. It seems to be working quite well with the stuff I setup in the smart lighting app.

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Check out the smartapp rule machine… (do a quick search)

I have it already :slight_smile: the smart light app does what I want, if it starts failing I’ll switch the rule to rule machine.

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Looks like the device type added automatically as SmartSense Motion Sensor and it is instant for turning on hue white lights. I’m very impressed with the responsiveness so far.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of one of these. I have one installed in hallway and it sees just a little too far.

My understanding is no. There are other manufacturers that have that but not in these.