Iris Motion acting funny

My iris Motion sensor was working great its in my walking closet and when I enter it was turning on the hue lights. My wife has same setup in her closet it works just fine.

About a week ago mine started not coming on right away then it would come on then immediately flash off. I’d wave my hand in front of sensor and it then comes on.

Anyone seen this before?

This doesn’t sound like an issue with the Iris motion sensor, but with the SmartApp and/or Hue lights.

When you wave your hand in front of the sensor, does it say “motion” (and then stop) in the mobile app? If so, your motion device is fine. Check the smartapp you’re using to control the hue light via the motion sensor, and make sure your hue devices are ok.

Check live logs in ide to see what is happening when you wave in front of it

You’all are right it’s not the motion sensor … but haven’t figured out what it is yet … but will … thanks for the heads up.

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