Iris keypads panic button integration?

I’m hoping someone can help me figure this out. I’ve been trying to get the panic buttons on our Iris keypads to turn a siren and some lights on when held. I’m using the Rboy enhanced zigbee device handler, and webcore as well. It shows like 30 buttons in webcore, and I’m not sure which button is the panic button. I’ve also tried setting it as :

If “any” button is held, then turn on hallway siren, security lights, and send a push notification.

I’ve also tried selecting all the buttons individually, setting it so if any of the selected buttons are held, and it doesn’t seem to work either. It only sets off the panic sound on each individual keypad. I would like it to set off more things, and send our a push notification, but it seems to never trigger anything beyond that.

I’ve looked through the ADT Tools settings as well, and can’t find if there’s a way to do it there.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

Did you ask Rboyapps support? That seems like it should be the first step. Also, which model hub do you have?


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No I didn’t yet, that’s probably a good idea. We have the ADT branded ST hub.

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Answered here:


@RBoy Sorry to dredge up an older thread, but is there a specific button among the 30-or-so that is the PANIC button? Is there a way to find out which one it is?

I also can’t get a response when doing as suggested in post #4 above. I set up a webcore piston to send me a push notification when any button is pressed, and it never recognizes a button being pressed. Iris v2 keypad.


Assuming you’re using the latest device handler, it may possibly be a bug with WebCore. It has issues with numbers like 0 and 1 which it treats as boolean (true/false). It could be that issue. Try using the Intruder with Actions app or even better, if you’re using the latest device handler you can use the build in Automation tool from SmartThings to create you own custom actions when a button is pressed.
The DTH was recently updated to comply with the new SmartThings platform capabilities and included support for the new ST app and the Automation tool:

Thanks. Configured it using Automations in the app (it appears to be the only button for the “pressed” command). Couldn’t figure it out in Webcore but would like to.