Iris Keypad

Trying to find a DTH for it and also A smart app for it also. Can some one help me out and guide me in the right direction thanks somuch. JEFF

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I know this post is long but everything in there should get you in the right direction.

Install a new Device Handler

Instll User Lock Manager

Reset IRIS Keypad & Add to Smartthings

  1. Disconnect the batteries.
  2. Press and hold the Wall Tamper Button
  3. While holding the Wall Tamper Button, reconnect one battery.
  4. After 2 seconds Release the Wall Tamper Button.
  5. Wait for the Wireless icon to start
  6. Add a Thing in Smartthings app (it may take a few tries to add)

Configure User Lock Manager with users and codes. You must use 4 digit codes.
It may take a few 10 minutes or so to start working.

I know this is an old thread but it seems to be the canonical answer to “how do I just plain pair an Iris Keypad with my hub?”… unfortunately, the instructions here aren’t working for me. I would love some more help.

  1. Disconnect both batteries (easy!)
  2. Press and hold the Wall Tamper button (not so easy, it’s a tough button to push, but I’m using the plastic mounting piece to do it - I just leave the plastic in place as if it were mounted on a wall)
  3. While holding the WT button, reconnect one battery (easy! the device powers on almost instantly… I see a flash on the wireless light, but then it goes off… is that supposed to stay on?)
  4. After 2 seconds release the WT (sure… also easy… what’s the feedback to know I did this right? A light comes on? A light goes off? A beep?.. at least two seconds? no more than two seconds?)
  5. moot: Wait for the Wireless icon to start (this never happens for me)
  6. moot: Add a Thing… I can’t get the device to show up.
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So, I know that you first asked for help on this ~7 months ago, but I only recently joined the SmartThings community (thanks, Lowe’s for discontinuing Iris!), and I wanted to let you know that I figured this out – and it works!

Step 1: First, make sure you remove your Iris Keypad from the Iris Hub. If you can’t remove the Iris Keypad from the hub, that’s no problem - but it will make everything easier (and you can skip to Step 3).

Step 2: Force the Keypad into pairing mode, by removing the keypad from the wallmount and then removing the two batteries. Then, press the Wall Tamper switch – the white flap on the exterior (outside the battery compartment) of the rear component of the Keypad. Press it HARD, until you feel a very soft audible release. Then, holding that intensity, insert one battery. You’ll know you succeeded because you will see all the lights pop on, and the Wireless/Radio icon in the upper right hand corner of the front side of the keypad blinking a steady green repeatedly. This means it’s in pairing mode.

Step 3: With the keypad in pairing mode (either by soft-removing it from the Iris Hub, or by force-booting it into pairing mode as per Step 2), you can now safely add the device to the SmartThings app.

NOTE: You do need to install both application sets to IDE, in order to provide software support for your Marketplace > SmartApps > My SmartApps (at the bottom), using Lock Manager. Also note, that the Iris Keypad is not a lock - it’s just a keypad, so don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to configure these as locks. They just allow you to start or stop routines.

Good luck!

I have the same problem as lkjsaendlkje. With two different Centralite 3405-L (Iris 2nd Generation) keypads, I cannot get them to enter pairing mode.

I have tried the steps shown here as well as a few other variants from around the web:

  • press tamper 5 times
  • press tamper 8 times
  • hold tamper 2 seconds after inserting battery
  • hold tamper until keypad lights up
  • hold 2 and/or 8 key while inserting battery
    No matter what I try, the network light will blink twice once the battery is installed, then nothing. The keypad is on; keypress beeps and motion detection are working, the Off and Panic buttons make their normal sounds, the 2 and 5 keys change volume (which is reset by these “pairing” procedures), and holding down 0 or * makes a different two-tone sound but no apparent function.
    I even tried these functions (that don’t involve inserting the battery) with and without the battery cover installed, in case the battery tamper affects any of this (yes, there is a battery tamper switch in addition to the wall tamper).
    Each keypad came from a different Iris hub as well.
    Is there something obvious I’m missing here? Or do some of these keypads simply not work?

NEED HELP with the Iris keypad (Iris V2 : 3405-L).
I have uploaded the device handler (purchased from RBoy apps). The IRIS keypad is not visible to the hub during pairing.

I was told to reboot the Hub, will try today and will update.

Here’s another DTH and a bunch of SmartApps you can use if you have access to RBoy Apps:

The first post also provides some tips and tricks on how to pair the keypad if the hub is having a hard time finding it. Another tip, before pairing any keypads or device, it’s better to install the DTH if you’re using a custom DTH.

I have a IRIS keypad I’m tring to pair with ST. I think it showed up as “Thing” but it never stops saying “Please Wait” in ST. Does this sound correct?

You’ll need to install the DTH before pairing for it to identify your device correctly and set it up properly. See the first post of the topic I posted above for instructions on how to pair your keypads with ST.

Same problem. No matter what I do, it does not reset. I suspect some keypads have this problem.

Have you tried rebooting the hub? Also you need a supported DTH installed and published before you try to pair it otherwise it won’t work. If you have multiple DTH’s that match the fingerprint make sure you delete them all and only keep and republish only a single compatible DTH (this is due to a stable DTH issue that the platform has).