Iris Keypad Anomoly

(Arn B) #1

On my Iris keypad, I accidentally pressed the Partial button without entering any numbers. To my surprise my Living Room lamp shut off, press Partial again the lamp turned on. Since I have the LR lamp plugged into a SmartPower switch, and programmed with a simple smartapp to toggle the switch from pin 0000 from any keypad, I quickly dismissed ghosts, but was still very surprised. Then I tried the ON key, same result. Off did nothing.

I confirmed what was going on using the IDE Live Logging, and there it was
9:34:49 PM: debug Received arm command with keycode/armMode: 0000/1 (Partial Pressed no pin)
9:35:01 PM: debug Received arm command with keycode/armMode: 0000/3 (On pressed no pin)

So before making any suggestions about putting this to use by setting a User pin in SHM Delay for quick arming without a pin, but not quick disarming, I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing the 0000 transmission when pressing the Iris Partial or On key with no prior pin numbers?

(Arn B) #2

Answering my own question, yes this is working as designed according to the following thread, although “keypads with newer firmware need a double push.” Updated IRIS keypad firmware on a ST controller does not occur, so press once or twice on Partial or On, it sends pin code 0000.