IRIS GoControl constantly disconnecting

Looking for a much needed replacement for my Linear IRIS GoControl Garage Door Opener.

My IRIS GoControl keeps disconnecting from the SmartThings hub after several months. We have had no power outages or brownouts. We also have not had any lose of internet. In looking around the SmartThings Community, I’m seeing others having the same issue. Not sure I’ve seen a solid resolution.

What is a good dependable replacement? I remember reading somewhere that people have made their own device using a daughter board? if so, is there a parts list and specific instructions on how to create this?

Take look at FortrezZ’s MIMOLite. I used that for a long time, and it’s a really good device for things like this:

I used mine with a wired magnetic contact sensor connected to its open/close terminals.


Does it work with the new SmartThings app? The IRIS works with two wires to the garage door unit where the wall control unit connects to, is this the same?


Yup! Two wires go the same place as the GoControl (I had one of those too), and two wires to the contact sensor.

Info on FortrezZ’s DTH for the device:

It’s serious easy to set up.

I’m not exactly sure because I got rid of mine a long time ago. In looking at ST’s code for the GoControl, and FortrezZ’s code, FortrezZ’s code could be made to work properly with the new app with a few minor tweaks, but I’m not 100% positive. My code from a few years ago is still out there and it may work with the new app. If you want it, it can be found HERE.

If you’re willing to go down the path of making your own device and DTH for it, then the MIMOLite may be less of a headache and effort for you.