Iris Gen 1 2016 discussion

I’m starting a new thread for this because on a quick search it seemed all the other threads were over a year old. I don’t know how relevant this thread even will be since the gen 2 iris devices have been pretty easy to find deals on.

On my travels through the interweb I came across these articles:

Now I don’t have any of the gen 1 iris sensors, but I do know the question pops up every now and then if they can be connected. I wonder if these are of any use in making a DTH for smartthings. I know the format is definitely different but he seems to have successfully found the right clusters for communication no?

It Would certainly be nice if the gen one Iris zigbee devices could be made to work with smartthings, but so far no one has succeeded.

That specific article has been discussed in the forum in the past. Unfortunately the method doesn’t work. Like many other zigbee devices which do not use the ZHA profile, it is often possible to get it paired, but not to get it to stay paired.

from the comment section for that article:

add that, once you fiddle with this switch enough to get it working, you have a fully functional switch that works fine until you stop giving it closures to report for about 8 seconds, then it leaves the network

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Like the smart switches, the key fob and door switch once joined, stay that way. You can pull the battery and put it back in without it having a problem. You can also drive away out of range and come back and everything works just fine. If you kill the coordinator by pulling the power or something, you might have to make them rejoin. This all depends on how long it was off and what happened during the off period. Sometimes the coordinator XBee will choose a different channel and then the switches will have trouble finding it. A simple power failure won’t cause any problem, but reloading software to the controller could mean a visit to the devices to force them to rejoin. This kind of problem can be avoided by using the parameters on the XBee controller to limit it to a single predetermined channel. Doing this means the XBee comes up, establishes a network on the channel and the devices then just continue on as before.

That describes them staying joined to an Xbee coordinator. I haven’t read the article in a while, but were they using the ZHA profile? (which is what ST uses)