Iris garage opener closes but will not open

I have a Chamberland lift master formula 1 opener. I wired the Iris device and it works great, but only in 1 direction.
It will close, but no response when trying to open. I flip the wires and it will open, but no response for close. No beeps or anything. Anybody else have this issue?
I’m using the left and middle connections shown here.
Any advice would be appreciated.

So the Iris GDO does not start flashing when you tell it to open. but does when you tell it to close? If it does not flash then for some reason the GDO is not getting the signal to open. Does ST indicate it is closed? Maybe there is an issue with your tilt sensor.

You can open and close the garage door using the button I assume.

I have two garage door openers and both are Chamberlains, and I have Iris GDOs on both… They work great, but my garage door openers have four connections, however. Two for the button and two for the sensors. I did a quick search for a formula 1 and I found a manual that looks like your configuration and it appears you are connected to the right place, so not sure what to tell you.

Thanks for the reply. The tilt sensor indicates the proper open/close notification. I switch the wires and it will open, not close. Switch wires again it will close, not open. There are only 2 connection points so kinda confused.