Iris Garage Door opener triggering but not opening or closing door

I have added the opener to smartthings without issue. The device shows when the garage door is open or closed. But when I attempt to open or close the door from the app the Iris module will sound and blink to notify of the pending action and smartthings app will say it is opening or closing but nothing happens. The garage door opener is a standard Craftsman chain drive model. I have attempted to reverse the wires just to see if changes and nothing. On the motor there is an open up arrow button (manual controls on the motor) and a down and the up will blink once and down 3 times upon either open or close attempt but nothing happens.

Model is a Craftsman 54990

Any ideas?

Do you have a multimeter or something else you can use on the control wires from the Iris unit to test whether or not it creates a completed circuit after the light stops blinking?

I dont have a multimeter but I also found this thread. My opener does not have the time and temp but does have a timer and a motion sensor so I wonder if the same issue as here.

Simple test to see if your opener is compatable. Using a Doorbell button to connect the Red and White Terminals on page 17 of the manual (or in a pinch just connect a doorbell wire and touch the red and white doorbell end to close the circuit). If you only have one wire you could even the short the two connections briefly to close the circuit.

If closing the circuit on these two terminals opens/closes the door. The the opener should work.

The next test would be as @dparker suggests to see if after the light stops blinking if the iris GD opener is closing the circuit. Since you don’t have a multimeter, do you have a doorbell you could connect the iris to? When the iris closes the circuit the doorbell should ring. Or user this as a good excuse to buy yourself a multimeter :slight_smile: