IRIS Garage Door Opener Opens but Will not Close. Liftmaster Professional

I was excited to use this product but find that while it will open the garage door it will not close it. I find it incredible that the dry contact (or is it a SSR) will properly function in one position and not the other… DISAPPOINTED

Where do you have the sensor installed? Do you have it in the proper orientation? I had this issue as well but come to find out that I had the sensor installed upside down. There is an arrow on the sensor that indicates the proper orientation.

The Sensor is installed arrow up in the upper left hand panel of the door. Again it opens perfectly but you can’t stop it with the Iris App once it starts its travel. The sensor indicates properly and all the beeps work but when you go to close the door with the app, nothing happens.

If the door closes with wall button then it would not be the sensor that stops the door from closing if something is in the way…or maybe…

I would double check all connections.

If it’s new, I would take it back and get a replacement if the problem is not a bad connection somewhere.

There is a procedure for re-pairing the sensor and opener you might try that.

I believe you press the reset button on the unit for 10 seconds and then open and close the door manually twice. I have had to do this a few times when mine quit working.

Wait, so it won’t close at all? Or it won’t take a close command while moving? The later is normal. It won’t take any commands while the status is “opening” or “closing”. Also, what do you mean by Iris app? Are you using SmartThings or Iris as your hub?

Iris Hub. No it wont close at all with the Iris App on my iphone.

DOuble checked the connections I will be removing and returning to Lowes for a new one…

I tried repairing which also took quite a bit the first time around…

Well I’m guessing nobody on a SmartThings forum owns an Iris hub, so only help we can provide is that the same device works fine with SmartThings.

wow Thanks

Just to be clear the procedure I mentioned does not re-pair to the HUB. It only re-pairs the Door Sensor to the GDO itself.

Also if you are using the Iris Hub you should try a search for “Living with Iris Forum”

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What on Earth are you doing in the ST forums in regards to the Iris Hub?! I know! I know!

So I will just say it. Dump the Iris Hub and get you a SmartThings Hub so you can have a whole new set of issues to deal with!!:rofl:

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