Iris garage door opener not closing

Hello all, I recently bought an iris garage door open to sync with my v2 hub. It worked great the first couple of days now it will not close properly. It opens just fine but when you go to close it, the door will go all the way down and then go all the way back up.

I have the tilt sensor mounted on the top panel of the door over to the side…top right corner. I have removed this from the hub, reset the controller and re-added. still does the same thing. Any suggestions before I return this iris device?


It won’t close beacaue it’s caled an opener, not a closer :wink: kidding…

Is your door properly aligned/adjusted with open and closed positions? Openers have a procedure for adjusting the range, maybe it thinks it got stuck in something while closing - because the door fully closes before the opener stops?

Is this only occurring during the day? Dies it work at nighty? Does your garage face west? Is the Sun adding on the sensors in the evening?

I ask all of this because this was exactly why mine was not working correctly…

I know it’s far fetched… But the only problem I’ve ever had with my opener was with the alignment of the planet’s.

I believe others are thinking this also, but if you have the door set to go down too far, it will think it hit something even thought it just hit the floor. You might need to adjust the setting on the drive of the opener. Just a guess though.


Ok, so I tried it again today… it actually stops about 1-2 inches before hitting the ground and then goes back up. When I use the push button on the wall, it functions as expected.

Is there an open/closed alignment procedure for the IRIS opener that is separate from the push button wall opener?

I have the tilt sensor located in the far upper corner, should I move it the center of the garage on the upper panel?