Iris Door Sensor

Hello everyone,

I picked up an Iris door sensor today, $22.00 and it took me well over an hour to get it configured and working

Ended up doing a “connect a device” and after about 30 seconds i rebooted the app, upon a restart it showed as unconfigured device, added it to a room then had to go into the web app and change the type to SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor then it worked fine but it took some time.

Is there an easier way or is this just another growing pain of using a Zigbee device with ST?

Thanks in advance

These devices have been extensively talked about on the community:

Extensively??? 3 posts out of the first 300 is hardly extensively.

So back to my question, is there an easier way to configure them? Did I get lucky it worked this way or at all?


I installed the modified device type. All detected pretty much right off the bat at that point. Then I changed them to the SmartThings Open/Close device type and they all work great.

The second post and number 1 most popular link in that thread is directly to the custom device type, not sure how much more extensive you need it to get.