IRIS Device Types

I have the following IRIS devices and wonder if I still need the DHT’s in IDE for these as they are using the SmartThings native drivers. Or do I still need them for future installs.

  1. IRIS Open/Close sensors
  2. IRIS Smart Power Outlet

I am hoping to clean out my IDE so it loads faster.

The Iris Open Close do not need a custom type. Mine are set to "Smart Sense Open/Closed Sensor.

The outlet does NOT need one once it is properly configured, but I think it is needed for an initial configuration of reporting frequency.

My outlets are set to “SmartPower Outlet” but I used the custom DTH to initially configure them.

Some people are reporting that they did NOT need the DTH at all.

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Thank you, my IDE loads very slow, so O have to get rid of stuff.

Don’t think that’ll help. I cleaned mine up a lot recently, and it’s still slow as a dead snail. Always has been since day one of creating my account though.

Michael, mine started to become slow after the hub update before the last one yesterday. So slow it takes about three to four minutes to load the DTH page.

Mine takes 89 seconds, and that’s probably about average, just timed it. I have 33 entries.

Smart Apps took 147 seconds, which is a bit longer than usual. I have 22 entries there.

Yours does seem slower. I think ST needs to look into this more, as it’s always been slow, this is bordering on insane.

I have a ticket in for it and they agree something is wrong. They told me that they will get back to me as soon as they have an answer.

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