IRIS Centralite contact sensor

I have several of these that have always worked fine. Recently one of them started eating batteries. When I got to watching it the light indicator is continuosly cycling between several colors. It still works but the blinking light seems to be using the battery.

Any thoughts?

I recall reading somewhere that if the batteries are replaced with the contact sensor magnet in ‘closed’ orientation that this can happen; likely it is a diagnostic mode intended to show visually the sensor contact state. The sensor works but eats batteries due to the light indications. Supposedly ‘opening’ the contact sensor (by moving the magnet away from it) and replacing the battery with the sensor in ‘open’ mode makes the light show stop.


That’s correct. Replacing the battery with contact in closed will put it in demo mode with light cycling in colors.

Thanks guys. I think that did the trick. I guess in the past I must have opened the doors first to make it easier to get to. But this time I didn’t. Lesson learned.