Iris by Lowe's WiFi plug

I thought this plug by mistake. I thought it was zigbee and bought it on eBay. Is there any chance of getting it to work with SmartThings or did I just buy a paperweight.

You could use it as a separate system to turn your SmartThings hub off and on remotely whenever it needs a reboot.

But how do I set it up in the first place?
I’m clueless at this point I spent several hours trying to Google it with no luck.
Lowe’s Lowe’s shut down Iris.

I don’t have one of these but my guess is that since it is a WiFi plug, no hub is required. That means you should be able to download the IRIS app and control it directly from there. Are you on iOS or Android?

Edit: Hmm, I just read that IRIS also shut down their app so you may be out of luck here but you can still try it. Maybe WiFi part still works.

I can connect to it by Wi-Fi but that’s it.
It gives me an IP address but that’s as far as I got.

Sorry but since I’m not familiar with the app or have one of these plugs. I don’t think I can help you any further except to check out YouTube videos on how to connect these plugs. It’s not the exact same plug but it’s probably similar. Or maybe someone from an IRIS board might be able to help. Good Luck.


I found out they also send out a Bluetooth signal but have not been able to connect to that yet.