Iris availability?

Was looking to pick up some dimmers & switches from Lowe’s since I have a $50 off $250 purchase. Just went to their site to see what availability is like, and all of the products I checked are showing as “no longer available on”.

Anybody else? News I haven’t heard?

The Lowe’s website looks like it blew up. If you just try to look through categories there are broken links everywhere. I tried to go in through Electrical (that part worked), then to any sub-category, but there I get the message “We’re sorry, we couldn’t find any matches for “null””

It was giving me similar error messages yesterday, but I thought they would have had it fixed by now.

I went into a store over the weekend and they had an Iris display, though it had been moved from a prime endcap in the from of the store (now containing Z-wave thermostats, I believe) to one in the back of the store. They were also out of outlets, which is what I wanted, but they had most of the other stuff.