Iris 3320-L Contact Sensor

I have about 7 of the Iris 3320-L Zigbee contact sensors (firmware 1C005310). All of them are using the Zigbee Contact driver. The challenge is half of them show as device name and device profile Iris Open/Closed Sensor and the others that were added more recently show as contact-battery-temperature. I believe the Iris Open/Closed were the ones that were migrated as part of the IDE migration. All of then seem to be working fine. Was wondering if or how I can change them? Or should I be concerned?

Try switching to the “Zigbee Contact Mc” driver.

Ok added and changed to Zigbee Contact MC (by Mariano) and it only changed the device profile to contact-profile. The device name still shows contact-battery-temperature. I see in the yml file it should show as contact-profile so it’s correct.
deviceProfileName: contact-profile

  • id: “CentraLite/3320-L”
    deviceLabel: Contact Sensor 3320-L
    manufacturer: CentraLite
    model: 3320-L
    Both drivers seem to be working fine. I guess it’s a legacy issues.
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