Iris 3210-L Can't seem to add the Z-wave repeater

I have 3 3210-L’s and they are all acting the same way.

I can add the zigbee part.

But the zwave repeater isn’t being added to my ST hub.

I have a ST V3 Wifi hub with about 35 devices.

I put the zwave device in pairing mode and it acts like its paired because the light stops blinking and I can’t pair it any more. So I do an exclusion and it excludes it and I go through the pairing process again and the same things happens.

I tried watching the IDE live logging but nothing shows up there.

I am stumped.

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How long are you pressing the button to put the device in pairing mode on the zwave radio?

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There is a whole thread on this already:

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I already know how to get the device into pairing mode for the Z-wave repeater.

I click the button 8 times.

But its not adding it to my hub.

I sent support a message but there taking the fifth since this is not a true supported device.

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In this case, support cant help you partially because it’s not a supported device and partially because it’s a known issue w/ the device. If you really want to get the zwave part paired, read the thread i posted… the whole thing. Most people have had issues getting it paired and their trials and tribulations are documented through the post. Once you have a proper understanding of what has and hasn’t worked you will have a shot at getting it working. If it was as simple as hitting the button 8 times… the thread would not be so long.

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Just a heads up, if you haven’t gotten it working yet… it could be a FW bug and should be fixed tomorrow. So give it another shot on Thursday.

Issue has been fixed with a ST Firmware Hotfix update.

It shows up as a Z-wave repeater in the new app.
It just says its connected and there isn’t much you can do with it.