IR over Cat6

Looking for parts to make an IR repeater using Cat6 run - Harmony Hub to A/V closet.

Should I just cut the ends of the repeater that came with Hub, or buy parts to make one?

If buying parts, spec and source?

You may want to stay away from Cat6, depending on how far your going. Any significant distance would probably drop your voltage enough to weaken the IR signal.

I did this with 16ft of cat6 on a broadlink hub and it significantly reduced the IR strength.

Maybe an official extension cable will have less of a drop, haven’t used one myself -

Something like this? It says it doesn’t work with harmony but it just repeats any IR, so it does. I use generic IR repeaters and they repeat the signals being broadcasted by the hub, and the aux harmony extenders.

Problem being the walls are closed, I would say it is 35’ for the full run.