Ir Blaster for EDISION NANO T265+: "It is possible to recover 2 separate ON and OFF commands"

Sorry the title is perhaps unclear. It is not a question purely related to Smartthings, but I ask here why among the many experts, maybe someone can help me.
I bought a new digital terrestrial decoder (in Italy a change of frequencies is expected next year so I was forced to use an old TV).
Let’s get to the point: This decoder has a remote control with the power toggle ON-OFF button. I wish I could use two separate commands ON, OFF but I don’t know where to get these commands. With an old samsung in the Logitech Harmony database I found the separate ON and OFF buttons even if not present in the original remote control, but for this my EDISION NANO T265 + I do not find the split buttons, but only on / off in toggle.
Is there a solution? Without two split buttons I can’t use the routines to turn on and off at will.
Allow me to tag @JDRoberts who has helped me several times and I know that he is very knowledgeable about IR devices, maybe for your needs you have already encountered this problem?