Iq smartsocket

I got a iq smartsocket. It’s a dual plug in module with energy managment. I can learn it in but only get access to left socket and energy usage. Does anyone know of a device type to recognize both sides?

That’s a nice device, I like the potential to control both sockets. :sunglasses:

I know it’s a certified device, but I didn’t see a conformance statement for it – – it may be manufactured under another name. Without the Conformance statement it’s hard to know exactly what it supports.

There are other multi socket Z wave devices working with SmartThings, mostly power strips, so you might be able to start from one of those as far as developing a custom device Handler. But we need to know a little more about the zwave command sets that it supports.

This device works great when it’s paired with the iq alarm panel and it controls both sides but it’s also made by same company (Qolsys).

I don’t own the alarm panel but have worked with it. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get both sides working with my smartthings since Christmas is coming and Christmas lights.

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I’ve also purchased the Qolsys QS-2100-P01 IQ Smart Socket Dual Device Z Wave Outlet. Has anyone been successful in pairing this device such that both outlets can be controlled?

I’ve managed to get some additional information from the manufacturer that might be used to create a Qolsys QS-2100-P01 IQ Smart Socket Dual Device Z Wave Outlet device handler - but I don’t know where to start. Can someone skilled in device handler development help?

if you want to build something that will allow Smartthings to control the device:

  • Device has 2 endpoints

  • Endpoints are both binary switches

  • Meter command class is used for Energy usage reporting

  • 300 series Z-Wave device (refer to older command class versions)

This is enough information that can be combined with the publicly available Z-Wave command class specifications to get the device working.

Is the above sufficient to create a Composite Device such as listed in the following link:

Could someone skilled in the devlopment of DTH code please reply with what needs to be changed in order to support the LQ Smartsocket?