iPhone says "Registered" Never Present Except in IDE

I just sent the invite and added my wife’s iPhone 4s. In the app it always just shows as “registered” and never shows as present or away. In the IDE under Devices Detail it does seem to reasonably accurately say present or away.

So two things; first I am not sure if it is actually working or not if it just says registered and is there another step I need to complete? Second, is this the way it is supposed to look in the phone app? Or do I need to be troubleshooting that as well.

Thanks for any help.

I am new to Smartthings and just setup my hub yesterday. I too was having the same problem. My wife’s phone would only show registered but I could see in the history an accurate tracking.

I seem to have fixed my problem by going into Home and Family -> clicking the setup icon -> clicking her device -> choosing Get notified -> and turning on push notifications for arrival and departure.

I hope that works for you as well.