iPhone reports hub offline

When I look at the activity report it keeps popping up a message saying that hub is offline and that things won’t function properly. But I know the hub is working since I can see activity being posted. I goto the web ide and I can “ping” the hub. But everytime I open the activity page it pops up hub is offline.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Might be fallout from the migration last night. I’d contact support.

Try power cycling your hub & restarting SmartThings on your iPhone. I was having similar issues since the migration last night but after doing this everything started behaving properly again.

Wish I could do this remotely

My iOS app began reporting my hub as offline last night. I have power cycled three times and rebooted my router with no change. All other devices connected to the router are working, and the ST hub has a solid blue light. Any ideas?

Update: I power cycled my router again, and ST is now working. Still puzzled by what knocked it offline-especially since all other devices remained okay.

I hate to say me too, but seeing the same thing. No internet connection issues with anything else. Hub shows green light. I can see it in the web browser, but iPhone app says off line and nothing works? Very frustrating.

Power cycling doesn’t help. I can only assume possibly a port forwarding issue? Any help appreciated.