Iphone presence not working unless Smart-Things app left open all the time

I don’t disagree with you on this…an issue this big should be a priority but as we know this is not the Samsung cash cow at the moment. :frowning:

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There was an update to the iOS SmartThings app yesterday but no mention of a fix for the presence detection. As well I can confirm that presence did not work for me today with the app closed so it looks like it’s still not a priority to them.

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Damn! I haven’t left yet to try. Thanks for the update and I’m not sure why this is such an issue and I also want to add it is not the only app floundering with presence since the drop of iOS 15. :frowning:

I was under the impression that the life 360 was broken and not useable with smartthings. What cinfig are you using to make it work?

At an earlier point, users could install it with ease and for those users, it still works. But now, many users report that it can no longer be installed. Even if you can install it and get it working… it is a groovy app and when groovy is shut down so will the existing life360 integration so it would only be a temporary option at this point.

That means you have only 1-50 years left before it goes!!!


There is a custom app you can find on the forum.

how is this bug not fixed…

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Im on last iOS version 14.x and have same problem, Im just updating my iOS, anyway…

Nop, I had same problem but goes and comes…I just checked and have last 14.x iOS version…a couple weeks ago I reset the permission in the iOS mobile, and regenerate the presence device as a “place holder” device…but some days after problem appears again…now Im updating to 15 to see what happen anyway…

My friend…its December, take your fingers as usual…problem persist !!

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Anyone having any luck with getting iphone presence to work again? We have two phones and one will work, the other won’t. Then the next day it’s different. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason.
I think I’m giving until the end of the month and I’m going to chuck the smartthings system and go another route.


Ours has been intermittent the entire time this issue has been going on. We have two iPhones used (wife and I) and each phone will work at random. It’s completely unpredictable. I officially gave up yesterday and ordered a Hubitat. Hoping it arrives before the weekend as I’ve got some free time this weekend to make the change.

Mine is still intermittent. Works a while after opening app then stops. But from what I can see this is related to a bug in ios 15. Several other ios apps that use geofencing have been having similar issues. All started with ios 15.

The reviews of the Hubitat app (iPhone) indicate that its geofencing is just as bad (or worse).

The 2 most recent updates to the app list fixes to geofencing so I’m trying to be optimistic about it. At least it shows they know geofencing is important and are working to fix it whereas it’s been 2+ months that Samsung has shown no interest in resolving their issues. In my opinion there’s far more upside to
Hubitat. The future looks brighter whereas SmartThings looks to be taking things away from us.

EDIT: In the meantime since I use HomeBridge on a NUC what I have done is create a virtual switch for myself and a switch for my wife. I use HomeKit to control them (on when we get home and off when we leave) and have my ST automations set accordingly using the switch states instead of presence. HomeKit has worked with 100% reliability for us in terms of turning the switches on and off so it seems like a reliable way to go in the meantime. I’ve also retained automations for when we come and go based on presence by they just send a notification to us confirming someone has come or gone. The only reason for that last step is so that I can see if ST ever fixed the presence issue.

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I have seen a slight improvement with my iPhone’s presence. In the last week or so

You’ve piqued my interest, I wasn’t aware of Hubitat until I saw your post. The idea of having a local non-cloud-based solution is very desirable. I have a lot of devices and automations in Smartthings, so I’m on the fence about switching platforms.

Yes, it seems to be a bug with iOS 15 and not necessarily the Smartthings app. Geofencing problems with iOS15.01 - Apple Community

It’s definitely going to be some work for me as well but I’ve decided it’s worth it at this point. I’ve never been as happy with ST since the app switch over. That coupled with this issue and the fact we’ll lose webCoRE in the future just has me unhappy on the ST platform. To me Hubitat looks to have more upside and a brighter future. The rules engine looks powerful as a built in feature and I look forward to trying it out. Apparently there is an app called “Hub Connect” to allow you to operate ST and Hubitat together which may make transition easier but I haven’t read enough about it myself. I think I’m just going to move over slowly. I’ll move one group of devices at a time and make corresponding changes to the automations so that I can pick away at it a few days at a time. It may not be the best option but I think it will work for me.