IPhone Presence disappeared: Routines have ! (July 2023)


Has anbody’s iphone presense changed since this driver update? I’m not sure if it’s the driver or just a coincidence. Since about the time of installing the new driver my app now shows our phones as Device has been removed from the routines. The icon for the phones has been changed to a red exclamation mark. But when I go into the app settings to get locations from this phone, it appears to be enabled.

It sounds like your old mobile presence device has been deleted and a new one created so you will need to edit your Routines to use the new version. I don’t know why that would be in your case. You could perhaps somehow have hung on to a legacy DTH based mobile presence device long after most changed to a MOBILE type and things have caught up with you, but although that is plausible I don’t know if it is likely.

This did occur to some users in the past couple of months (including myself). As noted above, edit your Routines and place the working sensor in them and Save.



Thanks… this took care of my problem.

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