iPhone Motion Activity (Acceleration Sensor Capability)

Has anyone been able to figure out a way to use their iPhone as a fitness tracker or vibration sensor (like the Jawbone UP24 or SmartSense Multi Sensor)? Especially if you have an iPhone 5S with the M7 chip (or iPhone 6/6+ with M8) it would seem like this would be particularly applicable? I would love to be able to use motion tracking on my iPhone to trigger certain alerts and notifications from Smart Things depending upon when and where the iPhone motion took place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Seems like a great idea! What do you think the use case would be?

Good idea. This could be very useful for those of us who use their smartphone as an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off, I pick it up and turn off the alarm. This motion could trigger “Good Morning” if between certain hours or if its the first motion detected in >5 hours (I don’t sleep much).

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@mbial mbial nailed it! This was the exact use case I was thinking of. I was actually trying to figure out how to do this action yesterday when I realized I couldn’t figure out how to connect the accelerometer in my phone to ST. I use my phone for my alarm and thought it would be so handy when I pick it up in the morning to auto trigger “Good Morning.”

I can’t believe it’s been this long without the phone accelerometer feature being imolemented! So many uses. I love the alarm clock idea. The reason I got here is because I was looking to use smartthings and my galaxy s5 active’s accelerometer to change the color of my hue light strips. Do an Internet search for raspberrypi led control smartphone and you’ll see what I mean.

I could probably write up an app for this pretty quick it we could leverage the phone accelerometer… so, BUMP on this thread!!!